How to Set the Scene for Summer! | Ninox-Home

This is it.  Summer is almost upon us, so let the entertaining begin. And after the past few years of house arrest during the pandemic, now is the time to let yourself enjoy the fruits of freedom.  As we slowly get back into the swing of gatherings with family and friends, now is the time to create fabulous and memorable experiences.

Candle Centrepiece

There are three key elements to throwing a successful, memorable occasion. 

1. Firstly, pick a theme and a colour palette - why not try bright, sunny Summer colours to celebrate the season. Even the most casual BBQ takes on a celebratory air with a splash of unabashed colour. Whether it’s an intimate Sunday night dinner on the patio or an al fresco picnic in the garden, bringing loved ones around the table is something we’re ready to savour with renewed enthusiasm.

2. An impressive tablescape sets the tone of your entertainment experience. Black vessels are perfect statement candle centrepieces to compliment your table setting.  They match with any colour or theme and can be dressed up accordingly with a spray of flowers or linens.  The flicker of candle light welcomes the setting sun and creates a soft warm glow whilst encouraging the conversation to flow. Next add a table runner or table cloth, napkins, glassware and top off with personalised name cards for that final touch.  

sea salt candle

Mark your occasions with a well thought out fragrance befitting of sun; the glory of Summer colours and the seaside lifestyle of Australia. Escape with the fresh fragrance of salt spray; featuring leafy green seaweed, rich driftwood and pepper tones in the base.  Your guests can bask in the Summer aroma of a  NINOX 100% soy candle in Sea Salt.

2. To keep your home's outdoor spaces party-ready don't underestimate the power of flowers, foliage and lighting. Pots overflowing with bright flowers and fun foliage soften the space and make it feel naturally festive without having to decorate.  Using pots lit by the flickering glow of candle light ,at different heights for a staggered effect, ensures the colours, textures and shadows put on a whimsical show. Scents of Australian Flora or Amber and Wood candles will amplify your garden party décor. 

pear candle

3. Next, add a dish for the occasion.  Fresh, light and flavourful is the key to a lunch or brunch. Cut fruit not only brings colour to dress your table but acts as a fantastic entrée or dessert accompaniment.  A variety of ingredients, and flavour profiles dressed with a side salad of fresh greens will balance any Summer feast. Fragrance packed complimentary scents to accompany your meal or table include Pure Vanilla and Fresh Pear.  A heady, fresh aroma that will intermingle with your dishes to create a lasting Summer experience!