The first time you burn your NINOX Signature Candle is by far the most important. Why? Your candle has wax memory. Wait until the wax has melted the entire way across the candle's surface and you have a nice, liquid- wax pool. NINOX Candles are large and have a wide diameter so this first burn will take a few hours. This is to allow greater scent release and longer burn time, so allow time to relax and enjoy. Without this step you may end up with a tunnelled candle burn where the centre is the only section that burns and you end up with wasted wax.


Once you have snuffed out your NINOX Candle and allowed the wax to cool, ensure you replace the lid to keep the wax and fragrance sealed and protected. Our vessels are black for a reason; not only is it a timeless, luxurious and sophisticated statement in your home, but it creates the ultimate storage condition for the longevity of your candle out of the sunlight.

Candle Care Kit



Invest in a set of NINOX Wick Trimmers, a must for the serious candle lover. Before lighting your candle each time, trim your wick to approximately 5mm above the wax.  Using wick trimmers will  ensure the burnt wick is cut and caught in your trimmers and doesn't end up as unsightly soot in your wax.  It also prevents the wick from becoming too long and mushrooming. The longer your wick is, the quicker it will burn. Also make sure you re-centre your wick after each burn so that it forms an even melt pool. Your wick trimmers allow easy access to the wick, right to the very bottom of your NINOX Candle vessel. 

If you follow these NINOX Candle Care guidelines you will not only get a superior Home Fragrance experience and longer burn time, but also minimise wax waste. Once you have enjoyed your NINOX Signature Candle experience, please remember you can reuse your vessel by ordering a sustainable Candle Refill. Happy burning!