A good scent may be invisible, but it is key to elevating an interior. At NINOX we strive to harnessed the intangible as a gateway into both memory and fantasy.  NINOX bring together the finest, quality ingredients to create fragrances that evoke feeling and can set the mood of your home. 

Creative director Angeline Poole, has spent her life as an environmental scientist working to protect and conserve Australia's flora and fauna.  It is this core value that drives the NINOX commitment to reducing waste and pledge to support the rehabilitation of our totem animal and namesake; the Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua). Eco Info

Observing waste produced in the home fragrance industry, Angie dedicated herself to developing the sustainable NINOX Home Fragrance collection with refill options and contribution to enhancing the environment. "I love filling my home with beautiful aromatics, however the amount of single use candle jars, diffusers and other products that go into landfill always perturbed me. I was determined to create reusable products, without compromising luxury and quality". 


NINOX products are proudly made in Australia using the finest luxury and natural ingredients. Every candle and reed diffuser is hand-poured onsite using 100% pure soy wax, cotton wicks, eco diffuser base, pure essential oils and beautifully combined aromatic fragrances. By hand-crafting all of our own products we can guarantee elements free from toxic substances; petroleum bases, paraffin waxes which can have adverse side effects on your health.

NINOX Home Fragrances are statement pieces to compliment your home or gift to the people who enhance your world. There’s a magical quality to fragrance that makes it an unrivalled gift idea. With NINOX you can treat yourself or those around you to a little piece of luxury, knowing that each product also comes with a conscience.

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