A good scent may be invisible, but it is key to elevating an interior. At NINOX we strive to harnessed the intangible as a gateway into both memory and fantasy.  NINOX bring together the finest, quality ingredients to create fragrances that evoke feeling and can set the mood of your home. 

Floral, Citrus, Woody, Fruity, Spicy or Relaxing...How do you select a fragrance that best resonates with you? See our Scent Guide to assist you in narrowing down which NINOX fragrance is just right for you and your home.


  • AMBER & WOOD opens up with the exotic aroma of ancient amber. Spices and honey are supported by woody notes including cedar and sandalwood which fill you with warmth and the promise of something unexpected. 
  • AUSTRALIAN FLORA is a complex and balanced fragrance that perfectly captures the complexity of a bouquet of stunning native flowers . Filled with the unique sweet florals of blossom, green leafy notes of underbrush with the grounding earthy hint of eucalyptus. This scent will always conjure up images of why you call Australia home.
  • CINNAMON SPICE fills the room with warmth and comfort. With the rich notes of cinnamon and a medley of spices including clove and star anise, with softening notes of caramel to create a lingering aroma. A companion candle, with an embracing fragrance.
  • FINGER LIME & LEMON MYRTLE This is the Queen of citrus fragrances.  Native scents boast an intensely tangy fragrance, derived from ingredients long been used in Aboriginal cuisine and medicine.  These rich and tropical elements come together to transform your space into a vibrant home retreat.
  • FRESH PEAR allures you with the essence of a crisp, tree-ripened pear, captured and blended with a hint of clove and cinnamon. This one is a crowd pleaser; great for a table centrepiece around which you create memories with family and friends.
  • PURE VANILLA A silky wave of vanilla fills the senses with sweet and buttery tones which dance fragrance around the room. Vanilla at its best. A vintage fragrance which appeals to every generation.
  • TOBACCO & LEATHER is one of our most unique fragrances.  It takes you to a dimly lit room with large leather seating, the rich aroma of cubans and a crackling fireplace.  With deep traces of tobacco leaves and rich leather are laced with sandalwood, a hint of bergamont and tones of woodsmoke. A great unisex fragrance.
  • SEA SALT Escape to the seaside with the fresh fragrance of salt spray. Featuring leafy green seaweed, rich driftwood and pepper tones in the base. Transport yourself to a sunny beach holiday every day.  
  • UNSCENTED caters for those who love the allure of a flickering candle as a reminder to relax, slow down and take in the moment; just without the fragrance.  A statement piece that is great for use in reception spaces as a mood-setting greeting without the risk of allergy irritation. 
Scent Guide
      • GREEN TEA & LAVENDER Combines the relaxing qualities of crushed lavender with the fragrant cleansing notes of green tea.  This natural oil also contains hints of exotic bergamot, citrus and jasmine.
      • LEMONGRASS & GINGER Coming together to create a cool, refreshing scent which lingers, with zesty lemongrass combined with the fresh tones of just-picked ginger.  A hint of lemon thyme and mint adds vibrant herbal notes. 
      • ROSE & OUD is a unique and powerful fragrance with exquisite woody notes.   A sensuous blend of rich, velvety rose infused with a heart of sultry spices and a layer of oriental oud and dark musk.  A decadent and romantic aroma which will awaken any heart. 
      • VANILLA & YLANG YLANG Delivers the scent of sensuous floral notes of ylang ylang mingled with velvet vanilla essence to create a warm welcoming aroma.


      • FLORAL - a summer scent of fragrant florals
      • NAUTICAL - fresh and clean ocean air
      • RELAX - lavender tones to keep you calm
      • UPLIFT - citrus burst to awaken your mind